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Mike and Renee's Trip to Slovakia



Mike and Renee in Slovakia

Nadja Čuboňová



In October, 1999, Mike and Renee (San Ramon, CA) visited the Slovak Republic, including Turzovka, the hometown of Peter and Rose.  Their trip was made most enjoyable and productive by the hospitality of Nadja Čuboňová, who is a distant cousin.  Originally from Turzovka, Nadja currently resides in Žilina where she is a member of the Mechanical Engineering faculty at the University of Žilina.  She was a gracious hostess and an invaluable tour guide and translator.


The collections of photographs linked from the above mini-menu were taken during the trip and provide a close-up view of our roots.  Their findings also remind us that there are parallel generations of Chubons/Čuboňs in the USA and Slovakia.  Heart-felt thanks to Mike and Renee for uncovering and recording a significant part of the past and insuring its presence in the lives of future generations.