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Old Family Photos

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Photos of Peter and Rose

Other Family Members

Only three photos have been found that include Peter or Rose.  One is a portrait-like portion of a photo that included an unidentified friend or neighbor.  The second is a photo of Peter on the Lamont farm with his team of horses and some small children, which was taken around 1920.  The boy on the horse has been identified as son Anthony.  The others have not been identified.  The third is the formal photograph taken to commemorate the wedding of daughter Mary and Adam Piersa, a neighbor.  Rose is behind the flower girl.  Mary Weritz is to the right of the flower girl.  Son Peter is behind Rose.  Anton Weritz is the fourth person from the left side of the back row (with mustache).  Peter was probably outside smoking a cigar, which was a passion of his.

Portrait of Peter
Peter with children and his horses
Anton Virecz and Peter Chubon
The wedding photo of daughter Mary and Adam Piersa


Below are links to a couple photos of Peter Chubon that were recently acquired (April 2008).  They were provided by Betty Trulik-Rossman, a Lamont neighbor and family friend.  The Trulik family came from Slovakia at around the time Peter and Rose immigrated and ended up on a small farm, which was across the road from the Chubon farm and adjacent to the Weritz farm. Betty and her mother were with Peter when he died.

The 1941 photo is a real gem, showing a side of Peter that had been mentioned before.  Betty said she knew him as "an always happy, fun loving guy," which the photo seems to confirm.  Betty recalled that it was a posed picture taken with Peter's encouragement and direction.  The photo was taken when he was visiting Mr. Trulik, and they had a couple shots of whiskey, which was customary. Earlier Mrs. Trulik found some kind of club, and brought it out to show them.  Peter got this idea to take a photo of them pretending to be drunks, with Mrs. Trulik standing over them with the club and berating them for drinking. As you can see, he reserved the bottle for himself.

The 1940 photo was also taken when he was visiting the Truliks. The woman in the light dress is Mrs.Trulik, and the other was a family friend.

1941 photo

1940 photo 


This is the oldest known photo that includes Chubon family members.  It is thought that the tallest child in the back row (left side) is Anthony.  The others in the back row going from the left to right are John Weritz, John Chubon, and Paul Weritz.  The identifications were made by Joe Chubon, who is wearing the white coat in the photo.  The photo was taken beside the Lamont farmhouse and probably dates to around 1924.  It was preserved by Anthony.

 Additional postings for this page will be appreciated.  There is plenty of room on the server for additional photographs.  The goal is to post photos of as many of the descendants and ancestors of Peter and Rose as possible.  If you have information about these photos or other photos that you want to share, please contact me at . (Bob)

Amelia, wife of Peter, Jr. on Scout, the family pony (1946) 

Amelia and Nora, wife of Anthony taken at the Lamont farm (!946)

Ann vrablik, a relative of grandmother Rose, who resided in Westpoint, VA

Anthony and family visiting Peter, Jr. and family at the Lamont farm (1946)

Anthony visiting Peter 2

Mary (daughter of Peter and Rose) and husband Adam Piersa

Mary and husband Adam 2

Children of Peter and Rose: front - left Frank, right Vincent; Back - L-R John, Mary, Joe, Pete, and Paul
(Taken at the Lamont farmhouse during grandfather's funeral in 1942)

Children of Peter, Jr. and Amelia, Bob, Dick, Joyce, Sandy

Bob on Scout (1946)

Cowboys Dick and Bob (1943-45)

Cowboys and cowgirls (1943-45)

Dave, son of Anthony and wife Nora on Scout (1946)

Dick on Scout (1947)


Cemetery, Kane, PA)

John and Ann Vrablik, relatives of grandmother Rose, who resided in Westpoint, VA

John Vrablik

Joyce and Sandy, daughters of Peter, Jr. and wife Amelia

Joyce and Sandy (1946)

Joyce on Scout (1946)

Joyce and Sandy, daughters of Peter, Jr. and wife Amelia, and Rich and David, sons of Anthony and wife Nora

Children of Anthony and Peter, Jr. and Peter's pigs on the Lamont farm (1946) 

Anthony and Peter, Jr.'s kids with chickens (1946)

Nora, wife of Anthony on Scout

Peter, Jr. and wife Amelia on thee Lamont farm (1946)

Peter, Jr. and sons Dick and Bob with deer (1949-51)

Pete, Jr.Joe, and Anthony, sons of Peter and Rose (1945-46) 

Rich, son of Anthony and Nora and Joyce, daughter of Peter, Jr. and Amelia

Richard on Scout

Richard and chickens.

Sandy on Scout

Teenage children of Peter, Jr. and wife Amelia, Bob, Dick, Joyce, Sandy (1953-54)

Dick, son of Peter, Jr. in his teens

The Hunt (Peter, Jr. and sons Dick and Bob - 1949-51)

The Hunt 2.jpg

John, son of Peter and Rose and wife Alice with their children Patricia and Sherry

Frank, son of Peter and Rose and wife Annie with infant

Joe, son of Peter and Rose, and Joyce and Sandy, daughters of Peter, Jr. and Amelia (1945-46)

Paul, son of Peter and Rose (formal Navy photo - 1941-45)

Wedding photo of Paul and wife Mary

Bob, son of Peter, Jr. in his early years (1948-50)

Peter, Jr. and Amelia (probably between 1935 and 1940)

Anthony and Nora (wedding, 1942)

Anthony (1943)