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Mt. Čuboňov


Yes, we really have a mountain named for the family.  Thanks to Mike's reminder and research, and one of our distant cousins, we have some of the story.  The mountain is located right on the border between Slovakia and the Czech Republic  a few miles north of Turzovka.   The specific coordinates are  49°29´52˝ N, 18°36´07˝ E.  There are some slight variations in the listed height, ranging from 1011 to 1033 meters.  It has hiking and bicycling paths, and appears to be in a part of a protected national park area. It is listed in several Czech and Slovak travel guides.

It may have been named by or for Jan Čuboň, one of Grandfather Peter's brothers who was killed in World War !.  According to his Granddaughter, Eva Čuboňova-Chermack, he, and subsequently her father, owned a small villa or hamlet on the mountain.  However, it is possible that other ancestors had an earlier presence there  I had hoped to get more of the story, but Eva just "dropped out" after leaving on a vacation trip to Slovakia.  I am going to continue to work on getting verification and other information.

I did find some photos taken from the Czech side.  Click here to see them.  (Click on the photos to view larger images.)  I got a chuckle when I noticed  one of those showing the the sign has the name spelled Čubaňov.  I guess the debate about the correct spelling of our name continues! 

Hopefully, someday a group of the U.S. Chubons will make a trip to the top of the mountain and place a plaque and time capsule there. With all the biking and hiking trails, it would be a great spot for a family reunion.

The mountain to the right of center is Čuboňov.
A map of Slovakia showing the proximity of Turzovka and Čubaňov.  (Turzovka is near the pointer of the black text balloon with a white T and Čubaňov is at the tip of the red arrow.)


A topographical map of the area around Čubaňov.