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Bob Chubon, Webmaster





  Sandra Jean "Sandy" H Chubon, 14Oct40 - 29May23


  Sandy’s obituary can be viewed by   clicking here.


  Robert A. Chubon, 22Nov37 - 29Apr22


  Bob’s obituary can be viewed by   clicking here.


  Videos of family members scattering Bob’s ashes at his childhood PA home can be viewed by   clicking here.


  Ash scattering at his Mom and Dad's gravesite at Forest Lawn Cemetary can be viewed by   clicking here.


  While an internet search on “Robert A Chubon” will offer a wide range of insightful content, we invite you to browse a robust overview of his life experiences which he had compiled in “My Life in Words and Pictures,” viewable by   clicking here.


  nech odpočíva v pokoji, Bob and Sandy. We love you!




  This Family Web Page could not have been developed without the persistence and hard work of Mike Chubon in San Ramon, California, Dick Chubon in Randolph, New York, distant cousin Nadja Čuboňová in Žilina, Slovakia, and the aid of the Internet, of course. For those of us with computers, maintaining family connections and collaborating has never been easier. Anthony Chubon in Sacramento, California, and Joe Chubon in Bellview, Florida, children of Peter and Rose, pulled at the roots of their memories in the search for pieces of this puzzle, must be acknowledged. Also, Betty Weritz-Johnson, who resided in Lamont, Pennsylvania across from the old farm, has been an invaluable source of information, having spent many childhood days playing with Vincent Chubon. Since Rose helped bring her into the world serving as a midwife, Betty has truly enjoyed giving what she can back to the family. Thanks to Joyce Chubon in Kane, Pennsylvania, we have a copy of the mortgage and bill of sale for the old farm. Betty Trulik-Rossman, a neighbor of Peter and Rose during her early years, provided insight about Peter's final days. Finally, thanks to Emo Mudrik, who shared his research about Turzovka, the native home of Peter and Rose. We eagerly look forward to the findings of other family and friends as they dig into their minds, cellars, and attics in search of additional information.